Brandon Perkins

Game Developer

About Brandon

"Another game development star in the making..." - XMG Studio Short Term Goal: To join an excellent team of developers, and build upon my knowledge and skills among them Long Term Goal: To take on a high level design role, allowing me to maximize my creative talent and skill

  • Game industry professional since 2009 where I started as a writer for Digital Shock Inc.
  • Released first game in 2011, 'Fun With Terminal Velocity' for Windows Phone 7
  • In 2013, I joined Little Guy Games as a Quality Assurance tester and was quickly promoted to level design
  • 'Super Snack Time' was released in 2013, giving me a credit in Level Design
  • Following the release of 'Super Snack Time', I began building ASP.NET Web Applications for The Wynford Group while continuing contract game development work
  • Valedictorian of my graduating class at triOS College
  • I've had two game jam projects featured on EP Daily. I was interviewed by Shaun Hatton for 'Operation: Downsize'
  • In 2016, the first installment of the Quazar Online game series was released for the Build Character Build Success program in schools for the Toronto District School Board
  • Overall, I have taken part in many game jams and a variety of projects using Unity3D, CryEngine, HTML5/JavaScript/Canvas, Flash, and more